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Fantastic Mr. Fox
by Roald Dahl, adapted by David Wood

Performed in October 2023, 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' was directed by Tom Messmer. It was the first show in our new home, Nutley War Memorial Hall, and became the most successful show in our history, selling out five shows and watched by a total of 600 people.

The Roald Dahl classic was performed by a cast of over thirty and a live band led by James Edwards. James also wrote all the music for the show.

"This production was such a humbling experience for me. It really proved the magic of theatre and its ability to bring people together. Off the back of "Fox" we have accepted many new members, adults and children. To see so many people enjoying what we had put together will live long in my memory"

              - Tom Messmer, Director

"He had the finest tail for miles around"
"Digga Digga Dig"
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